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Owning a racehorse is a thrilling experience. There are few experiences in life like that of seeing your horse, in your silks, cross the finish line first. Thoroughbred racing offers the casual sports fan an opportunity to own a mini franchise of your own; instead of watching the game, you are an active participant.

At DB Racing we encourage clients to be a part of the preparation and excitement leading up to each race. Victory is that much sweeter when you are invested in the process. Our goal is to guide horse owners through the ownership process by straightforward and transparent means. We welcome experienced horse owners and first timers and can offer varying levels of racehorse ownership to fit diferrent budgets. Please get in touch if you have any questions, no commitment necessary.



Our sister company, Radley Equine Inc., is a racing club which buys and syndicates horses. At various times of the year, Radley will offer a horse to a group of owners on a first come first served basis. We buy horses at various price points depending on the potential seen in that horse at the time of purchase.  You can choose to purchase the majority of the horse or simply a small percentage.

Syndication gives prospective owners an opportunity to try out the experience of racehorse ownership. For a first time horse owner Radley is ideal; you can purchase a small interest in a racehorse to get a feel for the experience and learn what is expected financially.

For the experienced horse owner, syndication allows you to have a percentage of several horses thus diversifying your racing portfolio and providing more action on the track.

Click here for more information on Radley Equine.